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Overly loyal prices and professional work
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Prices for services in Newbury Park

Service name Price
Plumbing From $100
Drain Cleaning From $270
Toilet Installation or Replacement From $190
Sewer Line Installation and Repair From $80
Gas Line Installation From $50
All services are "turnkey"
Working with us you get the highest level of service
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Advantages of our company Newbury Park plumber

Company has existed in the market of services for over five years
All services are provided on a "turnkey."
Works 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Reviews from our clients Newbury Park

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Rating :

I would like to express my gratitude for the work done. The service at Plumbers in Newbury Park is on a high bar, as the plumber promptly resolved all issues when replacing the faucet, we did not pay anything extra, this is the main thing. Everything was done qualitatively, the plumber asked if everything was fine. I really enjoyed my visit to the client. There were no cons in the work, the deadlines did not change, as a result, everything was completed in three hours, which impressed.

Rating :

For several days I was choosing a plumbing installation company, having studied the reviews, I chose the company plumbers in Newbury Park. The installation of the toilet bowl was done well, I am very satisfied with the work of the plumbers. Their professional knowledge, skills, ability to work with clients, responsibility determined the result, which completely suited me. The service is friendly and questions were answered promptly. I recommend this company to everyone.

Rating :

Newbury Park plumber. I ripped off a fitting while trying to fix a leak on my faucet hose. I had to turn off the water and call a plumber, because I didn’t have the tool for such a breakdown. the master quickly responded to the force majeure situation and within half an hour was already at my house and fixed the breakdown in a couple of minutes. I am very pleased with the speed of response and the quality of the repair.

List of our services

Water Leak Detection
Drain Cleaning Services
Trenchless Sewer Repair

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